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"These Monkey Bars are great. With all of the junk we keep in the garage, I’ve never been able to..."

"Thank you Monkey Bars! My garage looks great and feels more open than it ever has before. Thank you Dan..."

"Great system. Great results. Worth every penny! "

Lake Oswego Garage Storage & Organization Solutions

With Lake Oswego garage storage solutions, you can quickly get your garage back in order. We are professionals, and it is our calling to listen to your needs and help you determine what garage storage systems can help you organize your space. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is waiting for your phone call so we can offer you the following storage options.

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Lake Oswego Garage Storage Benefits

Are you having trouble finding those items you stored in your garage a month ago? What about those basic tools you use often? Lake Oswego we can help you develop a better garage organization system.

  • Wall Space: By getting your items off the floor and  you are able to gain space.
  • Adjustable: Your life changes all the time, thats why we have created a product that can change with your storage needs.
  • Easy Maintenance: With everything off the floor and in its own spot Monkey Bar makes your garage easier to clean and keep clean.

Are you searching for a way to get out from under all of the chaos that your garage seems to be in? Whether you just want a couple of shelves for your walls or you are in need of full, wall-to-wall storage, we can provide you with the solutions you need.


Your Lake Oswego Garage Storage Options

Garage Shelving:  This system is highly versatile and tough, with the ability to hold 1,000 pounds for every four feet of garage shelving.

Garage Cabinets: Our garage cabinets are strong, durable, and affordable. We also offer a full line of custom-built cabinets.

Overhead Garage Storage: Our Ulti-Mate line of garage cabinets have stylish appeal, but are also customizable and sturdy solutions for your garage.

Garage Flooring: Our coating will cover those crack, pits, and chips, is resistant to stain, is easy to clean, and looks professional and beautiful.

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Lake Oswego Garage Storage

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